We are not specific engineers, however we can carry out simple heat load calculations for various areas within a building including individual floors. From this we can check if plant sizing is generally sized correctly or whether further engineering assistance would be required. We can also carry out these heat load calculations for general budgeting or tendering to carry out the project ourselves.

For larger projects we would employ the expertise from outside of Coldair Services Ltd. We can also assist in overall discussions on engineering solutions to on-going building problems from an experienced and practical point of view.

Building mechanical plant life cycle evaluation.

We provide a comprehensive report on the expected life on the various mechanical plant associated to a building or individual tenancy. Essentially this is for owners and building operators to budget and schedule for the replacement of plant or items within a piece of equipment.

If you feel we have the skill set you require please contact us. We are more than happy to come in and discuss your requirements.

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